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    China has stolen private data from United States and its allies

    The US government believes that China has stolen massive amounts of private information in large scale cyber attacks on the United States and its allies around the world. Companies and authorities in at least twelve countries are hacked. China then denied the allegations on Friday.

    The US judiciary has indicted two Chinese attackers who spied on companies  in a dozen states on behalf of the government. The Deputy Attorney said on Thursday that the attack would serve to reject China’s financial aggression. According to the Ministry of Justice, the two cyber attackers had numerous managed providers in their sights. These provide IT networks for companies and may have had access to important data.


    Hundreds Of Gigabytes Were Stolen

    Companies are affected by the cyber attacks, including manufacturers of laboratory elements, the financial industry as well as companies from the fields of technology, pharmaceuticals and space research.

    According to the information, the cyber attackers managed to gain access to US authorities and companies. Hundreds of gigabytes of data have been stolen. The cyber attacks took place over the years, presumably for 15 years.

    Remote Access To Devices Placed From China

    In order not to be discovered, the attackers installed malware that looked like legitimate software. For example, they set up remote access to devices from China  to get access data. Then they would have fumbled with access, strolled through the device infrastructure of entire companies and thus could have regained access to other companies.

    Several people involved in the incident that a group of cyber attackers had repeatedly broken into networks on behalf of Chinese authorities. From there they would have gained access to customer networks. The prosecution alleges that the defendants were part of a group that attacked devices in at least a dozen countries and gave China’s provider access to company data. This is nothing more than theft and it gives China an unfair advantage to the detriment of law abiding companies and countries that obey rules in return for being allowed to participate in the trading network.

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