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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2 have been leaked

    The source code of the engine games like Team Fortress 2 has surfaced on the net. This creates concerns in the shooter communities. On Twitter and in forums, there is concern that attackers, after having seen the source code, could execute malicious code on the players computers.

    With over a million simultaneous players every day, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is more popular than ever before. However, a new leak could now harm the shooter. Several articles report that the source codes of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2 have been leaked. This message causes a lot of security concerns for gamers.

    After reviewing the code, experts found no reason to worry or refrain from playing the latest versions. The experts believe the released source code is from a game version that dates back to 2017, which was first leaked 2 years ago.

    A tweet from the official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive twitter account says that the leaked code was a reposting of engine code from late 2017 that had subsequently leaked back in 2018.

    The Developer Studio Advises Users To Only Play On Official Servers

    Official servers are also offered by third parties, there is the highest level of security but only on their own servers.

    These games regularly top the list of the most played titles on Steam and are an attractive target for potential attackers. The colorful shooter Team Fortress 2 has the best times  after release, but is still played by an active community. It is currently not clear whether the risk assessment also applies explicitly to Team Fortress 2. It is also unclear where the source code actually comes from.

    Where The Leak Comes From Is Still Speculation At The Moment

    Rumor has it that the release goes back to a leaker, who previously worked for the YouTube channel Valve News Network. However, the latter was recently kicked out of the group and subsequently brought the leak to the public. It remains to be seen whether this information is correct.

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