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    Covid-19 positive Indonesians records’ for sale on DarkWeb

     Security researchers at threat intelligence firm Cyble discovered over 230,000 COVID-19 positive Indonesians records leaked in the darknet.

    Every day, innocent people are caught in the line of fire between the hackers and their selfish goals. If it’s not stolen bank details, it’s unauthorized subscription packages.

    And now, Indonesians who tested positive to the Covid-19 virus have had their medical records violated and put up for sale, all for one selfish reason-greed.

    As part of security protocol, Cyble, a cybersecurity intelligence firm, carries out routine checks on DeepWeb and DarkWeb activities.

    During one of such routine checks, the firm discovered a threat posed against Covid-19 positive Indonesians.



    The analyzed leaked data include patients details such as citizenship, phone numbers; diagnosis date and result, name, address, etc.

    The threat actor got hold of at least 230,000 patients’ records and is putting them up for sale on the dark web. The intelligence firm validated the threat and indexed it in, its data breach monitoring and notification service.

    The firm released a post; “Cyble has acquired, validated and, indexed the leak on their data breach monitoring and notification People who’re concerned about their information exposure can register on the platform to ascertain the risks.”

    People can register at to verify if they are at risk of exposure on the dark web.


    Cyble suggests some precautionary steps to avoid a repeat of the incident.

    1.. Set up anti-virus on your computers, and other connected devices. Also, use reliable internet packages.

    2.. Be vigilant about financial transactions and watch out for unauthorized activities.

    1. Implement robust and non-recurrent passwords and activate two-way authentication.
    2. Never, ever share sensitive data over the phone, the email or via SMS.
    3. Activate automatic software updates on your computer and other devices.

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