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    Data Breach Hackers Steal Mastercard Data

    A vulnerability causes sensitive Mastercard credit card data to enter the network. Almost 100,000 customers of the bonus program are said to be affected. Now it shows that the damage is even bigger than expected.


    Many customers are likely to be affected by a data leak in the Mastercard bonus program, according to several media reports. Lists of complete card numbers from payment cards also came into circulation. In the first lists that became known on Monday, the numbers were unrecognizable except for the last four and first two digits. However, Mastercard has now informed customers that the payment card number with which they had registered for the program may also be affected.

    Mastercard Pointed Out That The Service Provider Suffered A Security Incident

    There is no connection to the Mastercard payment network. However, there is still the risk that online criminals can use the information that is circulated, such as email, date of birth, mobile phone number or address, to send fake emails to get their passwords. According to information from industry circles, Mastercard has already informed the issuing banks that the group will assume the costs if customers want to exchange their cards after the data leak.

    Credit Card Provider Has Already Responded

    It is still unclear who is behind the attack and what motives the perpetrators are pursuing. The credit card provider has already responded.’ We take privacy very seriously and are investigating this issue very hard. As a precaution, we closed the bonus platform immediately’. The incident has no effect on the Mastercard payment network and is not related to it, the company said. It’s not the first time that Mastercard has hit the headlines for data theft. As early as 2016, the loan payment provider had to exchange cards from tens of thousands of customers because of a data leak at a service provider.

    Visa said the financial institutions that issue the group’s credit cards had been notified of the affected account numbers. The banks could issue new credit cards if necessary. According to the MasterCard, the police were informed of the theft of data   .Credit card owners are generally compensated for fraudulent purchases. This is then done by the retailers. According to analysts, Mastercard and Visa are unlikely to incur any costs in the present case.

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