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    Data Breach Suffered By Godaddy As Hackers Gain Access to SSH

    Godaddy, with its 9,000 employees, over 19 million customers, and sufficient annual income have fallen victim to a data breach. This data breach has affected a number of accounts and customers. Nonetheless, it is public that the web hosting accounting credentials have taken a rather hard blow.

    The Arizona-based domain record-keeper has mentioned in an already submitted report the date of the breach as 19th October 2019.

    Trusted sources from within the company said that an inquiry was set in motion right after they noticed mysterious happenings on its servers’ subset. Unauthorized personnel gained access to the data GoDaddy customers were assigned to link to SSH(Secured Shell). SSH is a cryptographic network protocol that enables its users to patronize network services securely even over an unsecured network.

    After the closedown of the illegal access, the investigation resumed and is still underway. Proactive measure is put in place to prevent a replay of events. One of such measure was the company ordering for a change of its hosting account login information. Although the company confirms that all files are intact, neither modified nor compromised on the involved accounts.

    However, it is still advisable for customers to audit their hosting accounts. Godaddy has granted benefits such as premium security accounts to those the incident affected. The year-round service ensures that it detects security threats and deals with it on time.

    Godaddy has also publicly apologized to unaffected and affected customers. Promising that the measures they have taken are enough to ensure that there is never a recurrence of this setback.

    SSH security is very relevant. But Important organizations’ assets are illegally accessible using this medium. The security of vital information is achievable through ensuring better security measures.

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