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    Fake e-book steals data via email contents

    The unusual use of a hyphen in Corona virus in the subject line could be noticed by users who have a critical eye for e-books and could immediately betray cybercriminals.

    Hackers Access The E-Book From Windows Computers

    The cyber criminals are trying to get victims to open the attachment contained in a zip file. The email content further informs readers that they can only download and access the e-book from Windows computers. As soon as the file is executed within the archive, the devices are infected with malware. As seen in the previous wave of mail spam, the malicious code is a downloader called GuLoader.

    While cybercriminals are constantly improving their malware campaigns and also using legitimate content in emails, spelling mistakes in combination with other minor formatting and grammatical errors, as well as a selection of different fonts are useful indicators to unmask dangerous emails. Nevertheless, many users have already fallen for the trick. Due to the widespread home office culture, the risk of infecting a network also increases. That is why the security researchers recommend that you keep a particularly watchful eye when opening professional or personal emails, because the negligence of individual employees is often the main reason for successful cyberattacks.

    Malwarebytes security researchers have also uncovered another perfidious phishing campaign. According to their research, the sender incorrectly pretends to be the World Health Organization. Many users are not aware that this does not correspond to World Health Organization. In this special campaign, the malwarebytes analysts say that the actors of the threat are using a fake e-book as a lure and claiming that the e-book contains a complete search of the global pandemic and a guide to protecting businesses.

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