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    Hackers steal 150gigabytes of data from Video-on-demand platform, ZEE5

    Indian video-on-demand giants, ZEE5 has been hacked.

    Reports from Quickcyber state that the hacker, a suspected member of the Korean hacking group, who goes by the alias, John Wick; breached the ZEE5 systems and heisted over 150gigabyte of live data, as well as the website’s source code.

    ZEE5 hacked

    The hacker shared evidence of compromised ZEE5’s private code repositories to Kanishk Tagade of Quickcyber. This evidence suggested that the hack occurred around February ending or in March.

    zee5 users


    This happens to be the second time the company is hacked. The first time around, sensitive data of 1,023 premium users data were made public.

    On April 24, 2020, the group released leaked data showing that they had access to subscribed users’ databases. This database contains users from almost every state in India. Recently, they released another set of data that indicates the hacked database of ZEE5 and includes live code secret keys and credentials of the unsecured AWS. The data which was tabulated had a table named “AXINOM_SUBSCRIPTION_TABLE”. Other leaked data include passwords, transaction dates, email addresses, mobile phone numbers, etc.

    zee5 user3

    Axinom CEO, Ralph Wagner, told GBHackers on Security, “we do not manage Zee5 database nor do Axinom systems use the mentioned MySQL database; and we don’t operate or manage Zee5 data services. Also, we will investigate this case and release a statement as soon as our investigations are complete.”

    The hackers reached out to ZEE5 management, as well as, Indian newspapers via an email; stating that stolen data will be made open and sold.

    The email address, “[email protected],” used to send the message has been linked to several threat attacks like the ransom demand of Dharma ransomware and the defacing of websites.

    Till now, there is still no response from the company regarding this hack. ZEE5 is run by the Essel Group via its subsidiary Zee Media Corporation Limited. The OTT platform was launched in February 2018 and currently has more than 150 million users worldwide.

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