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    How Many Websites Share Data With Facebook?

    Facebook knows a lot about us. Many users have no idea that the social network is also tracking users via other websites and apps. With a new tool, the group wants to create some transparency about who passes on all data about us.

    Since yesterday, Facebook has also been telling users, which apps and pages the network collects about its users. In addition, when opening the Facebook app, users should be encouraged to check their privacy settings in the next few weeks. Facebook had the opportunity to get an idea of the information shared about the activities outside the platform, which was first introduced last August for only a few countries such as UK, Italy and South Korea.

    Activities Outside Of Facebook

    Users can find the option in their Facebook settings. There you can check exactly from which sources outside the social network Facebook receives data. The data points that are forwarded to Facebook included-  For example, opening an app, calling up a website, viewing content, searching for articles and adding them to the shopping cart. Facebook then assigns the information to a user profile. The information can also reach the online network via advertising agencies or data service providers. However, the information is not complete explains Facebook: “For technical reasons and for reasons of reliability, we do not show all activities that we were informed about.” The other providers are also prohibited from sharing confidential information with Facebook.

    Facebook Share Data

    Activities From The Last 180 Days Are Displayed

    Facebook has now released a new function called “Activities outside of Facebook”. It gives users an overview of the social network .The apps and websites they use and how often they share data with Facebook. Many users should be surprised by the information displayed: Often there will be dozens or even hundreds of services that provide Facebook with information that the company uses. For example, to personalize advertisements. Activities from the last 180 days are displayed.

    Facebook receives various information about user activity from companies and organizations. Such data transfers occur, for example, when third-party services offer a login with Facebook or when they use Facebook pixels or Facebook’s Software Development. The latter are tools that many app developers use for analysis purposes. Facebook itself speaks of user interactions that share third-party services. According to the company, these interactions include ; opening an app, visiting a website, logging into an app via Facebook, viewing content, performing searches or even buying an article.

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