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    Over 500,000 Zoom accounts are currently available on the Dark Web

    A cybersecurity firm claimed it has purchased about 530,000 Zoom accounts from a hacker on the dark web, according to a report.

    After a number of security deficiencies in the video conference service occurred, numerous stolen Zoom passwords and IDs are now available for sale online. This login information could be used to eavesdrop on the users concerned for financial reasons as well as for personal reasons. The exposed data can also be used for identity theft and other criminal actions.

    The data posted free of charge is used as a form of advertising, also to prove the functioning of the login data. The matter is certainly uncomfortable for those affected, which is why anyone who has registered on Zoom with login data already used elsewhere should change the password immediately. Not only at Zoom, but everywhere where this combination has been used.

    The creators of Zoom fixed the problem upgrade to the latest version. However, the damage was already done. Around 500,000 accounts of Zoom users were stolen due to the vulnerability in the Dark Web and hacker forums. And they did it for a bargain price, in some cases for less than 1 cent and in others even for free.

    Sixgill Analyzed The Data From Zoom Accounts

    Security company Sixgill, which came across the data from Zoom , analyzed the data from the Zoom accounts. Most of the accounts were personal accounts. However, some can be assigned to educational institutions and small businesses. An account even belongs to a major US healthcare provider, Sixgill said. The security company discovered the collection of zoom accounts this month. So it is possible that some sensitive Zoom data has now been added.

    In the specific case, a user ID was available, so that the cybersecurity specialists acquired a good 500,000 Zoom data. The affected accounts consist of email address, password and the host key of the user.

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