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    Parental Control App Exposes Kids’ GPS Locations: Privacy Concerns Rise

    KidSecurity, a parental control app, has once again made headlines for the wrong reasons. The app, which boasts over a million downloads on Google Play, has been found to have leaked sensitive information about children, including their GPS locations and private messages.

    Privacy Breach Uncovered

    The breach, discovered by the Cybernews research team, was due to the app’s developers failing to configure authentication for their Kafka Broker Cluster. This oversight left a vast amount of sensitive data accessible to anyone, including malicious actors, for over a year.

    Data Exposed

    The leaked data included minors’ social media messages, parents’ email addresses, IP addresses, app store information, lists of installed apps, rewards granted to kids, audio recordings of the environment, IMEI numbers, device locations, battery levels, and other metadata.

    Second Incident of Negligence

    This is not the first time KidSecurity has failed to secure access to its systems. Last year, the app leaked over 300 million records containing private user data, including telephone numbers, email addresses, and partial payment information.

    Global Impact

    The impact of the leak was global, affecting regions such as the Russian Federation, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. Even children without the app installed on their devices were impacted, as messages sent to them were also exposed.

    Privacy Concerns and Potential Exploitation

    The app’s “Sound Around” feature, which allows parents to listen to their child’s surroundings, raised significant privacy concerns. Malicious actors could exploit the leaked data to determine behavioral trends of minors, potentially leading to abduction or other harm.

    Data Leak Stream

    The data leak resembled a flowing stream of information, allowing threat actors to accumulate significant amounts of private data over time. The open Kafka Cluster had stored over 100GB of information in its cache.

    Call for Action

    Cybernews has contacted the company regarding the breach, but a response has yet to be received. The incident highlights the importance of proper data security measures, especially when dealing with sensitive information about minors.


    The KidSecurity app’s privacy breach has once again underscored the need for stringent data protection measures. As technology continues to advance, it is crucial for developers to prioritize user privacy and security to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

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