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    REvil hackers allegedly sold Trump data, now targeting food distributors

    Today, REvil hackers are demanding a ransom of $7.5 million from specific food distributors.

    Last week, President Trump received shocking allegations that his data was in the hands of cybercriminal organizations and REvil ransomware operators. Targetting an American law firm Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks (GSM); the attackers threatened to leak him if they were not paid $ 42 million.

    However, during a typical recent conversion, they stated that they sold the data to the buyer on a dark network, and since their policy was only to allow the buyer to keep one copy, they would not disclose the data.

    Many people believe that they never had any harmful data about Trump from the very beginning.

    However, this marked his change to Madonna’s current auction data, not what was revealed in his blog post. This time, the auction starts with a million dollars; following the same rules as in the album later in this article.


    However, this is not all. A few days ago, according to a DarkOwl report, we saw another “Happy Blog” ad that showed that in their last attack, hackers attacked two major food distributors, namely Harvest food distributors and their company’s issuer. Parent of Sherwood Food.

    Both companies have several supermarket chains as customers, including but not limited to three major chain stores: Kroger, Albertson, and Sprouts. Thus, not only threatening the data of the food distributor himself, but also his client network.


    For this reason, the total amount requested by the attackers is $ 7.5 million; which is less than their recent robbery against Grubman, but the amount is significantly huge.

    The disclosed data is estimated to include 2,300 files consisting of the following:

    • Cash Flow Analysis Details
    • Sub Transmitter Information
    • Detailed insurance information
    • They are used as scanned images of a driver’s license as part of a logistics network.

    On the other hand, from the above notice, we also know that Sherwood hired a ransomware prevention company called Coveware, which Grubman also uses.The attackers called the company’s behavior “unprofessional” and even continued to post screenshots of his conversation:

    Finally, as you can see, Sherwood seems ready to pay for it, but because of the dissatisfaction of the attackers with the negotiations, we still don’t know what the final result will be.


    Companies that want to maintain reliable network security are strongly encouraged to use the introspection method; that is, “when” a specific attack occurs, and not “if” it will happen.


    This includes hiring an external cybersecurity company that can independently evaluate the human security system; therefore, can conduct ongoing checks.


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