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    Shiny Hunters Hacking Group Sells Client Information From Reputable Companies


    Shiny Hunters hacking group, is making an effort, to set up databases for sale on a dark-web hacking market site. These databases contain more than 73.2 million client records from more than ten various organizations.

    The hacking group had already begun giving off the dump they gathered from Tokopedia, after making the data public last week ( about 90 million client files). They have moved on to offer over 22 million customer listings and documents for Unacademy and data supposedly obtained from the hacking operation carried out on Microsoft’s Github Account.

    The group has also sold various databases and confidential files from meal kit and food delivery company HomeChef,, and the photo print service ChatBooks.

    Furthermore, ChatBooks made confirmations that the data breach was real and already went ahead to send data breach notifications to all its costumers.

    Experts have now confirmed the news, cybersecurity firm, Cyble has agreed that Shiny Hunters hacking group has already begun giving off data from these organizations, this means that the hacking group is offering a total of 11 companies’ client information.

    A list published by BleepingComputer has stated that HomeChef has lost about 8 million client documents to the hacking expedition, Tokopedia has lost 91 million. Bhinneka, 1.2 million, Star Tribune, nearly 1 million, Minted 5 million, Styleshare 6 million, Ggumim has also lost 2 million consumer files, along with several other organizations. Even Zoosk has lost about 30 million of its user database files.

    Clients and Staff of the connected organizations are to change their passwords as soon as possible. If these customers use the same or even similar passwords on other websites, they are to change those passwords too.

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