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    Tesla is headed straight for a data scandal

    Tesla could be in the middle of a data scandal. Personal data is on exchanged Tesla service that are offered for sale on eBay.

    What actually happens to used on board computers if you replace them with new hardware, such as a more current media control unit? One would at least assume that the old components, including personal data, will be destroyed once and for all. Instead, they reappear on sales platforms such as eBay, including confidential information.

    The exchanged on board computers were apparently available for purchase on the internet. The hacker was able to see home and work addresses, WiFi passwords, entries, address books from paired cell phones and cookies from on board computers. So far it is unknown how the hardware got on eBay.

    However, it is clear that the hardware was replaced in a Tesla service center, since such work is only carried out in such service centers. It was confirmed that technicians were told to throw away or damage the replaced computers.

    Cookies can allow hackers to access the accounts and similar services of the data subjects. Owners worry about what data is available to anyone willing to pay. Tesla didn’t contact the consumers about the data breach.

    The Hardware Replacement Must Be Carried Out In A Tesla Service Center

    There are two possible explanations for the data leak: Either the parts are not destroyed by Tesla and then resold by garbage divers, or employees put the computers on the internet themselves to make a profit.

    Tesla should encrypt all the data in the cloud and on the hardware. When hardware parts are replaced, Tesla should physically destroy the disk so that none of the data can be recovered.


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