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    The WeLeakInfo Website Sold Credentials And Has Now Been Seized By The FBI

    The FBI was in collaboration with the Dutch police and the Federal Criminal Police Office. FBI seized the website. The website owns illegal details. In connection with this, the Dutch police arrested a 22-year old boy. Another 22 year-old boy was also arrested in Northern Ireland as part of the investigation.

    On the WeLeakInfo website, there was unlimited access to all data records for  2 dollars a day, which should contain not only passwords but also the associated email address. According to the FBI report, the website should be able to check access data for possible security gaps, similar to the leak database by the security researcher Troy Hunt.


    To get access to the data, a paid subscription to WeLeakInfo had to be taken out. The report does not reveal whether the operator or operators behind the website also included the data of the subscribers and whether the data sold comes exclusively from the alleged leak check. Likewise, it is not known whether the data has actually been checked for possible security problems and whether the user has been informed accordingly.

    The Website Is Still Dangerous

    Subscribers to WeLeakInfo can use the illegally acquired information from the data sets to try to get access to possible accounts with different providers in the process of elimination. If after checking WeLeakInfo, users have not changed their email password combination because they may have seen no reason to do so in good faith that their data is in order, the information is still valuable for criminals.

    Giant Records

    Overall, it is said to be a database of over 10,000 data violations with over 10 billion indexed data records. asked its users for a search engine for which they had to pay: The website sold subscriptions so that every user could access the results of these data breaches, with the subscriptions unlimited search and access options during the subscription period. This includes information such as names, email addresses, user names, telephone numbers and passwords for online accounts.

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