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    Twitter may face a penalty and a ban in Russia because of not storing user data on a local server

    The Russian telecommunications authority launched an official case against Twitter two weeks ago. Twitter therefore refused to comply with legal requirements and save the data of Russian users on servers in Russia.

    Twitter is now facing fines of 1 to 6 million rubles (up to 85.000 euros). According to the press release, the agency’s minutes were signed in the presence of a Twitter representative. The social network will receive a copy of the protocol in the next three days. In addition, the protocol goes to the competent court.

    Russia Opens Civil Proceedings Against Facebook, Twitter

    Experts point out that Facebook and Twitter are also at risk of being blocked in Russia. For example, LinkedIn was banned in late 2015 for violating the same law. Apple, meanwhile, has bowed to government regulations and is now storing its Russian users data locally. In addition, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law in December that would impose higher fines of up to 20 million rubles. The regulatory authority had already sued Facebook and Twitter in early 2019. A year ago, the agency complained that both companies had not given any information about the implementation of the law. At that time, the agency gave both companies up to a year to comply with the law.

    Russia Threatens Twitter

    Since then, providers of online services have actually had to use local data centers. The law is designed to protect the data of Russian users. Critics, however, claim that it also serves the government’s efforts to control the internet in Russia. The services of Proton Technologies classified as particularly secure are now blocked: ProtonMail and ProtonVPN. The background is the company’s refusal to reveal the names of mailbox owners who are said to have sent threats. Proton advises sufferers to access the company’s services through the Tor is also faced with similar allegations and must fear the blockade. The mail provider with a focus on privacy wants to testify directly in Russia this week. It is accused of not registering as a Russian provider. replies that there is no Russian offer, so there is no reason to register. In addition, according to the managing director, they were never asked to comply.

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