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    Warning of fake PayPal SMS attacks

    Phishing has no longer be done by email only. The good old SMS is still very popular. If you should receive a PayPal SMS, you should be careful and better not click on the link.

    If You Receive A Message On Behalf Of Paypal, You Should Be Careful

    If you comply with the click on the link request, you will not end up with PayPal, but with unknown scammers. Anyone who enters their login data there opens the door for scammers to use their data on PayPal and supposedly on other platforms – if users use password and login combinations more than once. According to consumer protection, one should never be put off by the supposedly important deadline and move and delete the email in the spam. Criminals are currently sending phishing emails warning them of unauthorized access to the account. Users should verify the account within the next 14 days. The subject line for these phishing emails are security check, verify account or confirmation of your personal user data required.

    PayPal SMS attacks

    The hackers can not only get their data through phishing emails. The records captured in the event of data breaches are sold on the Darknet. This could also include your combination of email address and password. This is dangerous if you also use the data with other accounts. Being the victim of a hacker attack is one thing. Noticing this attack is quite another. It often takes several hours or days for criminals to do a lot of damage. It is therefore important to carefully check all messages that you receive from PayPal via email or on your smartphone. If you suddenly receive information that a payment has been made, your password should be reset or your access data has been changed without your intervention, you should react quickly.

    You Still Have Access To Your Paypal Account

    First go to the PayPal website. Never use a link from an email or SMS. Enter the URL into the address bar of your browser. If you can log in easily, you should change the password at PayPal in the first step. Make absolutely sure that you assign a secure password. Important: If you also use your stolen PayPal access data for other accounts or online services, you must also change the password for these accesses. If unauthorized third parties may have had access to your account, you should also review all personal and contact information. Make sure that your email address and mobile phone number stored with PayPal are still correct. You should also check whether payments have been made with your PayPal account that did not prompt you. If you find unknown transactions, you must contact PayPal immediately.

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