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    Wawa data breach affects 30 million credit cards

    Credit card data from a security breach that hit a supermarket chain on the east coast last year was sold this week. The amount of data stolen makes it the third largest credit card violation in history.

    The Wawa convenience stores were released in January in a press release that attempted to sell the data. The identified cyber threats and  the credit card information was found on the website called Joker’s Stash Marketplace and customer data was uncovered from 30 million cards.

    Cybercriminals could easily hand out cards to criminal card shops and fraud forums and mix unsuspecting Wawa customer data with stolen cards from a variety of other breaches. Stolen payment cards are in high demand on criminal platforms, and that Wawa violation was undoubtedly a good inventory boost for the cybercrime community – especially for any remaining cards that may be available to fraudsters who want to shop this season.

    Wawa data breach

    How To Protect Yourself From The Wawa Data Breach

    Wawa is still encouraging people who were originally affected by last year’s data breach to stay vigilant and check their credit card statements for new fraudulent activity. Wawa originally made customers aware of the data breach in December. Wawa said that customers using credit cards in these stores would have been affected. We remain confident that the malware that we discovered on December 10th was contained until December 12th and has been no risk to our customers since then,” the company said in its press release. “We remain confident that only payment card information was affected and that no debit card PIN numbers, credit card CVV2 numbers, or other personal information were affected. This incident had no effect on ATM transactions. Wawa offers affected customers free identity protection and free credit monitoring services for one year. Eligible applicants must apply for the free services on February 28, 2020.

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