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    6 Ways of detecting attacks using device IDs

    Every mobile device has a unique identification. This device ID can be used for various purposes. Websites can use it to track and check the activities of individual users. This is not only used to identify usage risks or to display individual advertisements, but also to protect the company from cyber activities and attempted malware. Ultimately, device identification tools can increase security in different ways.

    Detect Hackers Bots

    With the help of the unique device ID, it is possible to see how many accounts each device is registered with. On average, only 1% legitimate devices access more than three accounts  and only a few access more than 10 accounts. So if a device is accessing more than three or even more than 10 accounts, it is likely an attack.

    Let Legitimate Users Through

    If customers experience difficulties in signing up, they may become frustrated and give up. This leads to lost business and lost revenue. Recognizing known legitimate users through the device ID reduces the hurdles to log in so that they can access the site faster and more reliably.


    VPN Can No Longer Deceive

    Forging IP sources is one of the oldest methods used by cyber attackers. You can easily deceive IP based identification using VPNs device identifiers that examine a large number of information.

    Detect Proxy Systems

    Cyber ​​attackers also use proxy systems to hide their identity. A reliable and unique device identifier reveals these obfuscation methods. This enables companies to determine if a device is visiting their site from many different IP’s using proxy systems.

    Measure The Amount Of Transactions

    When a device is making an unusually high increase of transactions, it is rarely legitimate. By checking the transactions per device and time, a company can discover suspicious or malicious activity.

    Check The Used Devices

    Most legitimate users only use a few devices to access a website – a cell phone and maybe a PC or two. If a user accesses their account on a large number of different devices, it indicates fraud.

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