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    An update closes security gaps in WLAN encryption

    Security researchers are discovering a dangerous security gap in WLAN chips that are found in over million devices. IPhones and Samsung Galaxy smartphones are also affected. Users should check their devices immediately.

    The IT security companies have discovered a critical security vulnerability in WLAN chips. Attackers could actually use the Kr00k vulnerability to spy on encrypted transmitted information or even inject their own data packets.

    According to security researchers, the chips are in more than a million WLAN-enabled devices worldwide, such as smartphones, tablets, access points or routers. This also applies to WLAN networks in companies. Therefore, even environments with patched client devices are vulnerable.

    WLAN security gaps

    In tests, the researchers found that such popular devices as iPhones, iPads and MacBooks, as well as smartphones from Samsung and Xiaomi, have chips with the security hole. Access points from Huawei are also affected.

    Not Recognizable For Users

    The vulnerability exploits a process that is supposed to remedy interruptions in the WLAN transmission. For most users it is indistinguishable whether a malfunction is caused by a weak signal or an attack by Kr00k.

    There are therefore already updates that close the gap. All owners of a device susceptible to Kr00k should therefore check as soon as possible whether they have already received an automatic update and if necessary, initiate a manual update. The security gap should be closed for most affected smartphones. The same applies to Mac computers.

    Kr00k Vulnerability: You Should Do This

    Software updates can fix the error. A spokesman emphasized that the security vulnerability had been reported to the chip manufacturers, who had already responded: Numerous manufacturers have already released updates for affected devices. All owners should update their devices immediately, unless this is done automatically.

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