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    Cloudflare Aims To Build A Better Internet Network

    The security service provider CloudFlare supports important political websites in protecting against cyberattacks. Applications for this are still being accepted.

    The internet is a powerful tool for spreading and expanding ideas, says CloudFlare. However, an attack using Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) can easily shutdown websites, which is equivalent to suppressing important voices. Websites of public interest that offer content on political and cultural topics are often victims of such attacks. CloudFlare strongly believes that some villains shouldn’t be able to take sites down just because they disagree with their content.

    Applicants should gather news, express themselves politically or artistically try to help build civil society in their home country. It should be a non-profit or small company that has been targeted for online attacks due to its publications. They should also work in the broader sense for the public interest.


    Cloudflare Intends To Keep Ideas Alive

    If a site is attacked, CloudFlare will do its utmost to ensure that the site stays online regardless of location and content. At the start, the number of protected sites is just under 100. CloudFlare does not disclose their names.

    However, not all DDoS attacks are politically motivated. This week for example, the feedly aggregation service had to fight such attacks because it refused to respond to a blackmail attempt.

    Cloudflare Gateway Is A Solution That Is Currently Being Developed

    Outgoing internet traffic is secured and filtered to protect employees from threats on the public internet. Gateway will also ensure that employees surfing the Internet do not bring malware or problematic code into the company. Existing technologies can slow the user experience or are not effective enough to stop attacks. Gateway on the other hand, provides more security for employees and their devices online – without compromising on performance. Cloudflare also works with cloud networking partners such as Ciphercloud to deliver these solutions to businesses. Gateway will replace office firewall applications, eliminate the need to purchase new hardware, pay expensive MPLS fees and deliver anti-malware scanning and software that is closer to the user. This can stop threats before they hit the network.

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