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    Corona virus – Adequate IT security at home office

    Wherever a certain website generates a lot of traffic, hackers with malicious intent are not far away. This is not different with the Corona virus. There is now a high-quality fake that spies on passwords and credit card data.

    It Is The Horror Notion For Every Company

    Hackers gain access to the company network, steal confidential information or paralyze the entire company with blackmail intentions. To prevent this, companies protect their internal networks from unauthorized access with encrypted connections, anti-virus programs and firewalls.

    But now that more and more companies are rapidly sending their employees to their home office in view of the rapid spread of the corona virus, IT security threatens to fall by the ways of experts. Many companies are now more likely to forego necessary cybersecurity measures than to put your business model at risk.

    The Systems Will Be Activated Without VPN Access

    Due to the pressure of time, companies should be forced to take measures that IT security experts advise. In case of doubt, the systems will be activated for all employees even without VPN access, since nobody else could work. There will be a certain panic reaction and the security levels will likely be lowered. Employees who do not have a service notebook could be allowed to use private devices in the home office in order not to endanger the operational processes. And that is precisely a potential gateway for hackers: An insufficiently secured, malware-infected private PC could connect to the company network and thus grant cybercriminals access to sensitive information.

    Separate Private And Professional Device Use

    If you are forced to use private equipment in an emergency, it is important that the employee ensures that all the programs used are up to date and that the latest virus protection is used.

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