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    DevOps gain application security with route intelligence

    Route Intelligence is a new central function for increasing application security. It offers a continuous and accurate assessment of vulnerabilities in combination with an instrumentation-based assessment function. Previous solutions for security testing of legacy applications only point out potential vulnerabilities in the application code and generate too many false – positive results that require manual verification of the vulnerabilities.

    Fast And Secure DevOps

    Those responsible for security and development want fast and secure DevOps and digital transformation. A key principle of quick action is to find and remedy important functional and security deficiencies at an early stage. With Route Intelligence, which is now part of contrast assess, the customers can immediately see a comprehensive picture of the entire attack surface of the application, so that overloaded development teams can save time and use their valuable resources in a focused manner. In addition, development and security teams work with a unified and accurate view, saving hundreds of hours of time to review the vulnerability fix.

    Developers have a complete picture of the entire attack surface of their application, how much of it has been tested and which areas need to be restored based on the vulnerabilities identified. This practically eliminates the vulnerability risk associated with using compromised application codes.

    As more and more components of applications are loaded dynamically during runtime, static scans reach their limits and do not reflect the current security situation of the application. By using the runtime behavior of the application, contrast assess users can compare successive safety assessment results for each application route. This ensures that the vulnerability originally discovered on a route no longer exists. Transparent visibility across the entire surface of application development and runtime attacks is a crucial linchpin for companies that want to carry out effective risk management.

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