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    Gemalto enables its users secure and user-friendly digital services

    With the takeover of Gemalto, which was completed within 1 year at a value of almost 5 billion euros, the company became the world’s leading provider of digital identity and security. The advanced enterprise technologies include the critical decision chain for enterprise, organizations and are government authority based. Using Gemalto’s competencies and technologies leads to secure solutions to meet the major challenges of our society. These include for example, air traffic control for unmanned aerial vehicles, data and network cyber security and the security of financial transactions.

    This combination creates a leading global provider with an unrivaled portfolio for digital identity and digital security solutions based on technologies for biometrics, data protection and cybersecurity. Gemalto thus provides its customers with seamlessly integrated offers. These customers include operators of critical infrastructures, such as banks, telecommunications providers, government agencies, energy providers and companies in other industries.

    Gemalto Digital Services

    Online Trade In Hacked Data

    Director Sales at Gemalto, warns against underestimating the online trade in hacked data: A report on 600 million offered email access data is currently circulating, which is offered in the Darknet for less than it would actually cost. With regard to data protection, you should no longer use free email accounts. The data protection situation at the providers are opaque and therefore cannot be used safely, especially for official purposes. If you use such an email address, we recommend that you temporarily forward it to a suitable email address and delete it later. By the way: If you use such an email account for business, you have to conclude an AV contract with the service provider according to the General Data Protection Regulation.

    Gemalto’s identity and data protection solutions enable organizations to take a data-driven approach to security combined with extensive control over who or what is accessing the required infrastructure and applications. This not only creates trust in your transactions and confirms their authenticity, but also guarantees the protection and control of confidential data, both on site and in public and private clouds. In addition to increased security, companies are able to increase their business productivity and prepare for future identity and data protection requirements.

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