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    Home office rules to protect data security against corona hackers

    The corona virus is spreading worldwide and more and more companies are thinking about home office and mobile work. The demand for video conferencing software is increasing steadily. At the same time, tech companies such as Google are relying almost entirely on home work. But it is not that easy if a company has not yet had any experience with it.

    Keep An Eye On Labor Law

    Basically, bosses have the right to issue instructions, but when it comes to where the work is done, the scope is limited. As a rule, the employment contract specifies where the place of work is. The employee only has to comply with the order to work at home if the arrangement of home office is provided for in the employment contract, collective agreement or company agreement. If there are no corresponding agreements, they actually have to be negotiated. A company agreement should be concluded for this and the works council must be involved to protect the companies network.

    Communicate Properly And Take Care Of Data Security

    When employees work at home, communication changes, in contrast to presence work. Instead of meetings, people meet in telephone and video conferences, instead of calls they receive messages. But that’s not easy. After all, communication always has a non-verbal level. And this is made more difficult if you don’t see the other person or only see it with video. When conducting conference calls, it is important to define the role of moderator in advance and then to fill it out. So that communication does not suffer, this can also mean that the moderator interrupts individual participants in the conversation. More non-verbal communication is possible in video conferences which increases the risks of cyber security. The experts advise that this should be used for important meetings.

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