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    Is the securiCAD Vanguard variant the solution for cyber risk assessment?

    The infrastructure is growing, changing and expanding over the years. But it is no longer just on-site installations, but also systems and services in the cloud. Probable software manufacturer of securiCAD has created the solution with Vanguard infrastructures, which analyzes automatically and processes the result of the securiCAD.

    The new variant Vanguard also follows the approach of securiCAD and derives the risk based on a computer aided design view. This has the advantage that the cloud infrastructure with all components is visualized. In order to have a visualization that is as meaningful as possible a separate securiCAD language was developed for the Amazon Web Services environment, which processes the Amazon terms in its own modeling language. The visualization can be reconstructed with the configuration of the environment instance.

    securiCAD Vanguard

    The Risk Potential

    Assessing the damage is difficult even in your own infrastructure. Anyone who has faced the question of where the damage class ends low and starts in the middle of an audit is familiar with this topic. This assessment is more difficult in the cloud infrastructure, among other things, because the cloud services are often not transparently known in the detail form in which one would actually need them for risk assessment. That changes with the visualization of securiCAD Vanguard. However, there is still the problem of risk assessment.

    The securiCAD approach to deriving risk can help. For the risk assessment, the measured value time to compromise was created, which indicates the corruption probability and the number of statistical days in which a potential attacker can have a negative impact on the infrastructure asset. This approach can also be applied to Amazon Web Services assets. securiCAD Vanguard gives you the opportunity to localize vulnerabilities within the cloud and to protect them from attacks in the best possible way.

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