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    Kali Linux saves data and scans WLANs with its new features

    Linux brings a whole range and features to your PC. With Kali Linux you can save lost data, improve your WLAN for potential vulnerabilities or check the security of passers. Concerns can be cracked with the provided answers, passwords, spy on WLAN protection or overload servers with attacks.

    As the successor to the security distributions and predecessor, Kali Linux owns now Debian Linux. To do its job, the system uses over 500 security tools. Above all, these are possible ceilings that are necessary for security gaps and configuration errors. The version 2020.1 comes with a separate theme for all Gnome users who can now see between a light and dark mode. Kali users now work as standard with a normal user account with rights.

    Operating Systems Referred To As Hacker Linux Can Be Used For Good Purposes

    Before you devote yourself to the tools, you should adapt Kali Linux to your needs. The sidebar on the left automatically appears when you slide the mouse to the edge. But it is just quickly gone. If that bothers you, you can switch it off using the tweak tool. To be able to use the offered live system, log in with the user name kali and the password. If you need administrative rights, you have all options via the group.

    More Tools

    In addition to the larger tools, Kali brings a whole range of smaller and specialized tools.

    IKE Scan: This tool is specially designed for tapping VPN systems. It sends IKE packets to the respective host and analyzes all returning packets.

    Nmap: The tool can distribute Nmap scans across several clients. It consists of a server and the corresponding clients. This is useful, for example, if a large number of hosts are to be checked. The scanner specializes in finding as much information as possible about a host. This includes possible subdomains, email addresses or lookups.

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