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    Microsoft receives security order from the U.S. Department of Defense

    Microsoft is getting 10 billion dollars from the Pentagon to host and rebuild the U.S. military’s cloud services. The project is called Jedi, which actually stands for Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Cloud, but above all of the American conviction to fight for the good with the project. Now dozens of engineers and intelligence analysts on the US west coast need to keep the growing number of government-funded hackers around the world at bay. They are under attack, said the vice president of the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

    Jedi To Store And Process Large Amounts Of Secret Data In A Cloud

    The project known as “Jedi” is supposed to store and process large amounts of secret data in a cloud. The goal is to improve the Pentagon’s communication with soldiers on the battlefield. It would use artificial intelligence to speed up war planning and combat capability. According to the Department of Defense, this is important in order to expand the U.S. military’s technological advantage over opponents. The Pentagon emphasized that the decision was not made solely on the basis of cost savings. The Department of Defense wants to benefit more from artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other technologies that Microsoft is working on.

    In addition to Microsoft and Amazon, the search engine group Google would also have had the opportunity to participate in the Pentagon tender. Although the company previously collaborated with the Department of Defense on a drone project, Google had to expire the contract last year. The reason for this was massive protests by own employees. Therefore, Google did not apply for the recently advertised job.

    Pentagon Is The Largest Cloud Customer

    With the five-year contract, the U.S. Department of Defense has become the world’s largest cloud computing customer this year. For Microsoft, the order plays an important role in the competition with the online mail order company Amazon.

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