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    Safe IT security infrastructure for mobile device management

    Employees have clear ideas about their future job. But the desire for it is not enough. The technical requirements must be done by the IT infrastructure.

    Employees wishes and expectations of a modern workplace are on the one hand, IT is on the other and the question arises: Is the IT infrastructure well and securely set up? The provision and implementation of a modern workplace is not easy for companies. The availability of innovative hardware and software applications alone is not enough. For safe and mobile work, the IT infrastructure must set the course and create the appropriate conditions.

    Mobility Is A Central Concern

    This is borne out by the results of the employee surveys around the world. However, the increase in mobile devices and the integration of these devices in their own company network still poses major challenges for IT managers. If mobile devices are unprotected, potential attackers quickly take advantage of these vulnerabilities. It is essential for companies to use mobile device management or unified endpoint management to centrally manage and secure mobile endpoints. So far, solutions for securing mobile devices have only played an important role for almost half of the companies.

    The Modernization Of IT Security Infrastructure

    In order to create a bridge between the requirements of the employees in a modern workplace and the possibilities of implementation through the company’s IT, a clear objective is required. 75 percent of those responsible for IT want to equip all workplaces with the latest IT technologies in 5 years. However, the modernization of the IT infrastructure must not be arbitrary, but must consistently follow a fixed, targeted plan to ensure successful completion. So far, just under a quarter of those surveyed have followed such a roadmap. Another 25 percent have defined a roadmap, but implementation is still lacking. A roadmap is in the planning phase or in the development phase and less IT managers surveyed have no idea yet.

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