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    Scammers Use Phishing Emails To Trap Unsuspecting PayPal Customers

    It’s about new security regulations, data verifications or alleged return debits. In our overview you will find all currently sent phishing messages in the name of PayPal.

    Your personal data should be intercepted by cyber criminals via phishing attacks. As a PayPal customer, you come into contact with the fake emails quite often. It is good if you then know exactly how to recognize the counterfeit. Counterfeit PayPal e-mails with the subject account have been blocked. Action is required currently, which provides information about supposed security problems. Security-based attacks, login attempts or browser access by unknown devices are also used. Who doesn’t have to deal with fear? After all, you read about hacker attacks every day.

    Phishing Emails

    Make PayPal Account More Secure

    You should protect the PayPal account as best as possible. However, your email address and a password alone are not sufficient protection, even if it is a secure password. We strongly recommend that you protect your PayPal account from access by hackers with two-factor authentication.

    Report PayPal Spam

    You also have an email from PayPal in your mailbox that you cannot explain or that comes completely unexpected. If you suspect a mail, you can report the message directly to PayPal by forwarding it. You will rarely get an individual answer. We therefore recommend that you also forward the e-mail to contact customer protection. If required, you will also be happy to give you feedback on whether it is spam or phishing.

    What Happens If You Enter The Data After All?

    The hackers have access to the data they have collected. In addition to taking over your PayPal account and unhindered shopping at your expense, the criminals can commit further crimes with your data. For example, the crooks could use their stolen data to open a fakeshop on the Internet. In the worst case, you not only have financial damage, but your name is associated with other crimes.

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