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    Success criterias for successful 2FA integration

    2FA integration undoubtedly offers more security than simply asking for a user name and password. However, it should also be user friendly, cost effective and meet current legal requirements. The main reason for strong authentication is usually password weaknesses, as 85% of passwords are cracked within less than five hours, two thirds of the users use the same password for different web services and passwords suggest convenient security to the user, but this is not available.

    Two Factor Authentication

    More and more providers are offering their services for corporate and private customers in the area of password management. It is completely beyond how to entrust all of your passwords to a service provider and thus trust their honesty and security concept. Because even if the service provider may have honest intentions, this does not automatically mean that the data is really secure.

    The Most Important Considerations

    Depending on the application, the 2FA integration can be implemented very differently. The market offers a large number of different authentication variants: from certificates to SMS. Every time when strong authentication is introduced, there are certain peculiarities that need to be considered. Many other programs do not offer synchronization via the manufacturer’s cloud, but they do have their own individually definable cloud. Although, such solutions make the user a little more master of their data.These programs pose a risk.

    Passwords Are An Insecure Concept

    Password managers offer an improvement that enables at least strong, diverse, random and unique passwords for every service. Many managers now have cloud sync. However, you should never trust the master password here. That is why there is protection by means of a so called 2FA integration. The possibilities here are diverse. If synchronization via a cloud service is unavoidable, you must choose a program that supports such two-factor authentication.

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