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    The developers of the PDF application Nitro PDF Pro have closed several security gaps

    Microsoft will continue to expand the areas of data protection and privacy for both employees and companies. In the coming weeks and months, the Microsoft Edge browser will be equipped with new synchronization features, which will enable IT administrators to determine the appropriate options for selected employees themselves. For example, if the company wants to prevent passwords from being synchronized across multiple devices, this will be possible with the Edge browser.

    Employees are also protected by using Microsoft Edge under Windows 10 with Windows Information Protection. This protection separates company and private files from each other and provides a warning in the event of an accidental overlap. A classic example is classic copy paste errors, in which texts, pictures and other things are copied from a professional document or an internal company website into private areas.

    Microsoft’s Search Can Be Used To Search Files Released By Companies

    At the same time, the edge browser should soon be able to automatically assign previously defined websites to personal and professional profiles separately, in order to simplify registration for various Microsoft services for users. The Xbox website enables immediate login with the private account, while Outlook for Web can log in with the professional data on request. There are also advantages with the searches. If the user is logged on with his company data, Microsoft’s search can now be used to search files released by companies and internal websites.

    Microsoft Extends The Edge Browser With Additional Tools

    Edge browsers are extended for developers. From now on it will be possible to embed an Edge based WebView in forms. Microsoft also promises not only to simplify the development of browser add-ons, but also to present them to end users in new categories and designs. The user experience should also be the focus for new progressive web apps which in the future should feel more and more like native programs. Improvements to this have already been released for Windows and users of the Microsoft Edge Preview build. The program also makes it possible to integrate future edge features into websites and make them available to first visitors.

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