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    The Main 3 Cybersecurity Trends Of 2020

    How can you protect yourself against the growing number and complexity of cyberattacks while equipping yourself for the opportunities of automation and digitalization of the economy? The highlights of these questions in cybersecurity trends 2020.

    The Price Of Privacy

    Data protection is a critical aspect in an increasingly digital world. This year marks a crucial turning point for data protection in the world. This date marks the end of the transition period for the General Data Protection Regulation, as it becomes legally binding from this day on. It represents a fundamental change in data governance and the way information is protected by companies that process the personal data of citizens. The regulation marks the beginning of growing global data protection regulation. Violations of these can be punished with fines of up to 5 percent of global sales.

    Operational Technology As A Point Of Attack For Cyber Attacks

    The industrial internet is already transforming global industry and infrastructure and promises greater efficiency, productivity and security. In order to survive in the competition, process control technology devices are connected to the online world, which often means that components with weak points are unintentionally exposed to cyberattacks. Manufacturing facilities are also a target for access to intellectual property, trade secrets and technical information. Attacks on public infrastructure on the other hand, are based on financial reasons, hacktivism and dissatisfaction with government agencies. The fear of a worst case scenario in which attackers trigger a breakdown of systems that form the foundation of society was a topic at this year’s World Economic Forum. Industrial systems are particularly vulnerable to attacks on the supply chain. Criminal attackers also recognized this and began to target these systems.

    Certifications Are Becoming More Important

    There is broad agreement that cybersecurity and data protection are integral parts of a digital and networked world. How can the level of protection of a company be assessed objectively? Concerns about whether and to what extent cybersecurity is actually being implemented are increasing. As a result, existing and new standards that make cybersecurity strategies internationally comparable are becoming increasingly relevant.

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    1. After reading this article, I’m believe more in the rightness of using encryption tool to protect my data. In my opinion, everyone has their own right to privacy and can decide what to do with their data. Everyone can avoid one of the biggest nightmares when data is being hacked. so be smart and use additonal tools

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