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    The report of NordPass alerts seniors to secure passwords

    Outdated password management and misunderstandings about what cyber attackers really care about are putting security experts on the alert. A recent study of the online behavior of seniors shows that while 75 % state that they take measures to protect against cyber threats, only 35% regularly change and secure their passwords.

    Overall, Seniors Believe They Are Fairly Safe Online

    For example, 65% of them say they never click suspicious links, 58% use antivirus software, and 55% never download files from unknown people. It should also be mentioned that seniors are much more likely to use such safety measures than younger people. However, when it comes to one of the most dangerous areas of cybersecurity – passwords. 70% of them claim to have a clear network, but it is not necessarily particularly great. 57% say they just remember their passwords, 55% say they write them down on a piece of paper. Only 22% state that they store their passwords in a manager.


    Having a clear system for managing passwords is great. However, programs such as writing down on a piece of paper may not be enough. This is not only because a slip of paper is easily lost or damaged, but also because it may not always be accessible. For example, if you leave the PC with the passwords at work, you will not be able to access it from home.

    Seniors also tend to underestimate the various password-related threats. 39% believe the chances of their passwords getting into the wrong hands are low. In addition, 38% of seniors feel safe from cyber attacks even though they use passwords several times. 35% think they are safe from hackers even if they don’t use strong passwords. 30% of seniors believe that the risk of their passwords being compromised is low, even if they are leaked.

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