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    Things you should consider when protecting your Microsoft account in 2020

    Not all IT contracts have been canceled due to the corona virus. At the end of February, Microsoft experts talked about their experience with hijacked computer accounts. This is important because Microsoft is designed to make it difficult to lose rights for Windows 10 Home accounts. The direction is clear, Windows users should have a Microsoft account to log on.

    Password Method

    With this method, a frequently simple password is used and tried out with many user accounts until it fits. Of course, attackers do not type in the password manually, the attacks are automated. At some point there is always a Microsoft account that uses a weak password.

    Password Replay

    These attacks take advantage of the fact that many users speak of 60 percent for Microsoft accounts and use their passwords multiple times. If there is a leak in account data somewhere, it is simply tried out at other points in the event of replay attacks.

    There Are Two Things You Should Consider When Protecting Your Microsoft Account

    Secure Passwords

    Use a secure password and only use this password to protect your Microsoft account. A password manager helps you find strong passwords and manage the many different passwords.

    Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

    Microsoft states that 99.9 percent of cracked accounts are only password protected. So it’s worth activating MFA for the Microsoft account. You can access the settings directly from Windows under Accounts. If you click on Manage for the Microsoft account, you will be redirected to the corresponding page in the browser. You can have registration information sent to you by SMS, generated using an app or notified by email.Microsoft processes around 25 billion logins per day and registers more than one billion active users per month. Around 0.5 percent of accounts are cracked on average per month.

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