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    Tips for KeePass that make your online life safer

    Anyone who travels on the internet must remember more and more access data. To make things easier, users use similar login names and passwords. This is fatal, since attackers can quickly and easily access the login data of multiple accounts. It is more ideal to use secure, different login data for every service on the internet. Programs like the free open source tool KeePass help you to remember these. This can even be used on a mobile device, for example on the iPhone or Android smartphone.

    Use Entries Quickly And Easily

    As soon as you have created entries for login data, you can use them quickly and easily. To do this, start KeePass, open your password database, enter the password and navigate to your desired entry. Click on the entry and you will see information about it at the bottom of the window. Once you have maintained the URL for the entry, you can open it with the standard browser and click on the URL column.

    Use And Secure Keepass In The Network

    If you want to use KeePass on several computers, copy the password database into a share on the network. You can also share the directory in which you have saved the database file using the context menu in Explorer on the network. This makes the file easy to use over the network. Make sure that only one user has write access to the file. If several people work with KeePass in the household, it may be better to create a separate password file for each user. You should have the directory with the password database backed up regularly, for example on an external hard drive or cloud storage.

    Download The Plugins From The Keepass Website

    Useful extensions can be integrated into KeePass, which can help, to back up password databases or to synchronize with cloud storage. Download the plugins from the KeePass website as a file and copy them into the plugins directory of the KeePass installation. After restarting KeePass, the plugins are displayed in the menu item.

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