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    What are biometric methods used for?

    Biometric authentication issues are used more and more frequently. In addition to fingerprints and face recognition, behavioral biometrics is gaining in importance. This approach is considered particularly secure and user friendly. The authentication runs in the background – without any additional requirements for the user. Behavioral biometric offers convincing advantages and facilities for dealers and customers. Reason enough to present the solution in more detail.

    For this, two authentication from the areas of possession, knowledge or inherence must be combined. This additional level of security means more work for banks and retailers. Customers first have to be introduced to the new procedures, they are met with and increased transaction cancellations. In order not to lose customers, banks, card companies and retailers are looking for PSD2 compatible systems that offer the greatest possible security and at the same time enable a great user experience.

    The Focus Is On Biometric Authentication

    Due to the poor user experience, security gaps, with one time passwords, but also thanks to the integration into mobile devices, the biometrics is becoming increasingly important. Using biometric authentication such as fingerprints, face recognition and more recently, behavioral solutions- individual data points that clearly identify the user can be collected reliably and without great work. With behavioral biometrics, this period even runs in the background without any participation by the user.


    Application Solutions For Behavioral Biometrics

    Behavioral biometrics can be used to protect logins from validation attacks and accounts from malware access. It is also used to validate transactions such as e-commerce checkouts and other high quality interactions. In doing so, it has proven itself both in the uncovering of individual, targeted account takeover attempts, as well as in untargeted mass attacks.

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