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    Additional Protection Through Emerson & Dragos Collaboration

    Organizations use their individual strengths to help customers identify and respond more effectively to cyber security threats.

    The Dragos platform provides passive plant and network communication monitoring to enable customers to better understand their environments and identify threats using intelligent analytics and pre-configured instructions in the form of playbooks and other tools. This helps customers identify and respond more effectively to cyberspace incidents. This additional level of protection complements the robust portfolio of Emerson safety applications for industrial process control systems in the energy and water industries.

    Emerson Dragos Collaboration

    ”We understand that we need to continuously improve our security capabilities to meet the increasing demands of cyber security” said the president of Emerson’s energy and water business. “This collaboration is the latest example of Emerson’s unwavering commitment to supporting its customers by providing services that are important to people’s well-being.’

    With the dedicated Dragos platform for industrial applications and Emerson’s expertise in the field of automation technology, the company is able to support energy generation and water supply companies in the detection of an effective response to potential threats, thus avoiding unexpected disruptions to their operational processes.

    The Dragos Platform Identifies Assets And Monitors Network Communication

    Dragos gives customers better insight into their environments and insights into threats from the intelligent analysis process, as well as instructions in the form of playbooks and other tools with which they can investigate and react to cyber incidents more effectively. This additional protective layer complements Emerson’s robust portfolio of security offerings for industrial control systems in the energy and water industries. The Dragos platform developed specifically for the industrial environment and Emerson’s automation expertise can help power generators and water companies effectively identify and respond to emerging threats and prevent unexpected downtime. These new applications expand the platform, a series of pre-built analytics that focus primarily on monitoring the condition of the network communication.

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