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    Cloud hosting firm Blackbaud pays ransomware after thwarting ransomware attack.

    Blackbaud claims it paid a ransom to protect customer data.

    As far as ransomware exists, more and more companies continue to fall victim to the threat. Blackbaud has joined other companies in a long list of ransom payers. Blackbaud is a cloud hosting solution in the non-profit sector; leading non-profit fundraising and a financial technology supplier based in the United States.

    in May 2020 threat actors hacked The company’s database by breaching Blackbaud’s security network and installed the malware to lock its servers.

    The technology suppliers were able to halt any encryption and regain access to company’s systems by teaming up with forensic experts and law enforcement agencies.

    Despite all these efforts, the hackers were able to make away with data subset from its self-hosted environment where customers stored their files. A positive development was that the data stored on Azure Cloud or Amazon Web Services (AWS) wasn’t affected.

    Despite being able to curb the fallout with advanced security measures, the company paid the ransom because it claimed that the attackers stole customer-related details from its network and threatened to make it public if they are not paid.

    On why the Blackbaud gave in to the demands? The company explains that the customers’ data is its top priority and paid the ransom to protect it. The company released a statement addressing the ransom’s payment, stating; “We paid the cybercriminal’s demand with confirmation that the copy they removed had been destroyed.”

    According to the statement, those affected by the breach have been informed about the incident and rendered an apology.

    Blackbaud has promised that such incidents will not be repeated. It has beefed up security protocols, opted for new security measures, and kicked off a thorough investigation.


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