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    Cognizant has fallen victim to ransomware

    One of the world’s largest IT service providers Cognizant has reported a security incident. Since the encryption Trojan Maze has infected the internal systems, problems with the services of the service provider could currently arise.

    Cognizant Points This Issue Out In A Press Release

    In addition, customers are currently receiving e-mails in which the IT service provider warns customers and provides them with features and data indicators. Since Cognizant manages customers computers remotely. The attack could also affect these PCs. However, this case has not yet been officially communicated.

    It is also currently unclear to what extent the Cognizant systems are infected and which data has been encrypted. The IT service provider states that the case is currently being investigated further with the help of third parties.

    Whether these are published or not, both would be particularly delicate for an IT service provider. Cognizant services also include distributing patches and software updates and providing support services to customers remotely through endpoint clients or agents installed on their workstations.

    Since the discovery of labyrinth ransomware last year, developers have made headlines for a number of high profile cyber attacks.

    The American company with many employees and around 20 billion dollars in sales communicates very cautiously. Based on the findings from older ransomware attacks, Cognizant assumes that the attackers have been hanging around in the Cognizant network for weeks.

    short statement, published Saturday provides little detail on extent of compromise or how many customers were facing impact.

    Double Ransomware Strategy

    The maze created by hackers is a particularly annoying threat, as those responsible often use a strategy called double ransomware that threatens to lose confidential data or use it if the ransomware requirements are not met. Like for future phishing or spam attacks.

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