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    Cyber Crime In Connection With Cryptocurrency Industry

    Companies, regardless of their size will be immune to cyberattacks in 2020. Cybercrime is profitable because it appeals to unethical people. Researchers estimate that cybercrime attacks generated 1.5 billion dollars in 2019. The reason why blockchain is strong is the randomness of the data exchange in the powerful cryptocurrency function. As a result, blockchain and data cannot be copied or penetrated by malware or other malicious technology. However, blockchain transactions are vulnerable to cyberattacks.

    The Cybersecurity Report 2020

    The Cybersecurity Report 2020 describes threats to the cloud infrastructure in connection with cryptocurrency mining attacks. Although the value of cryptocurrencies fell in 2019, the cloud infrastructure is a big target for malicious activities in cryptocurrency mining. Cryptocurrency mining is defined as software programs and malware components that are programmed to receive resources from a particular computer and use them for cryptocurrency mining without the permission of the host. Ransomware is another threat that has become more sophisticated and targeted over the past year. Compared to 2019, malware attacks in mobile banking increased by 50% in the first half. The report said: Almost 30% of all organizations are affected by cyberattacks with mobile devices.

    Cyber Crime

    The report includes a description of the malware that uses more accurately than any other cryptocurrency technology. For example, it includes a command and control address update mechanism via a public blockchain list. Therefore, it  is used to distribute browser stealers or router users. In addition, cryptoLoot can also be used to retrieve online tokens when attackers access websites that have not been authorized. Banking Trojans targeting the Windows platform, have also been used to steal browser cryptocurrencies and wallets.

    The Report Includes Recommendations

    To prevent daily attacks, you first need to have real-time threat intelligence to provide the latest information on the latest attack methods and hacking techniques. Threat intelligence must cover all areas of attack, including cloud, mobile and  network. These vectors are widely used in companies.

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