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    DNS Server Components For Networks

    The topic DNS criminality keeps many companies on their toes, but with the right preparation, the risk can be effectively reduced. The DNS in particular forms an attractive target as an interface to the corporate network.

    The Data Protection Regulation came into force and is an incentive for numerous companies to defend themselves against the threat of attacks and data theft.

    The Background Of DNS Security Reports

    According to the surveys of DNS security reports, 70 percent of all companies and organizations worldwide have been the target of DNS attacks in the last one year. The main reasons for this are obvious. Because the way via the DNS promises intruders easy access to the most important data of the company, which are often not conditionally protected.

    The starting point is actually clear. DNS servers are indispensable components of every network. In this respect, the rule of thumb applies that anyone who can gain unauthorized access via DNS can quickly access all the crucial data and resources. Accordingly, the known patterns of DNS attacks have a wide range of different variants, some with high programming sophistication.

    In the meantime, the security precautions are so insufficient in some places that the exfiltration of company data does not require too much effort. The numbers speak for themselves: According to DNS Security Report, around a quarter of all companies have already been victims of data exfiltration via DNS. The costs that arise for companies with 5.000 or more employees amount to 2 million euros per year – regardless of the damage to the image, which usually only unfolds its undesirable side effects.

    DNS Server

    The Integrated Solution For DNS Technology

    In principle, given this diffuse threat situation, companies have the option of putting the permanent availability of their services, their own data security and that of their users and customers on a secure footing with the help of a series of suitable measures. On the one hand, firewalls and load balancers should be supplemented by specially developed DNS security technology. On the other hand, it would be advisable that companies use patches for DNS servers more frequently so that their DNS security is always up to date. A detailed DNS transaction analysis as part of an integrated IT security concept can make a valuable contribution and improve the transparency of threats up to a comprehensive view.


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