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    EventBot mobile malware can intercept Android authentication

    EventBot misuses Android’s accessibility features to access valuable user information, system information and data stored in other applications. In particular, EventBot can intercept and read SMS messages and bypass authentication. The malware is aimed at users of many different banking and finance apps, the majority of them from European banks and for the exchange of cryptocurrencies. By accessing and extracting this data, the potential access leads to key business data and financial information. Smartphones can significantly increase the security of transactions in online banking. If a transfer is created on the PC and then authorized via a code received on the mobile device, hackers have little chance of falsifying the process.

    In the Cybereason report, the researchers describe how they tracked a succession of submissions, seeing “features” added as the coders improve EventBot’s capabilities.

    Mobile Malware Is A Major Risk For Both Private Users And Businesses

    More than 50% of all devices that access company data are now mobile devices. As a rule, not inconsiderable amounts of personal and business data are stored on these, provided the company works according to a device policy. That shouldn’t be overlooked when protecting private and business data.

    A Rapidly Developing Android Malware

    The mobile malware takes advantage of Android’s accessibility feature to extract information. The Trojan is able to update its code and release new features every few days. With every new version, functions such as loading dynamic libraries, encryption and adaptations to different environments and manufacturers are added. As completely new malware in a relatively early development stage, the malware provides an interesting insight into how hackers usually design and test malware.

    In recent years, online activities have gradually shifted from stationary computers to mobile devices. This naturally led to the introduction of new types of malware that are specifically aimed at mobile platforms, especially against Android based devices, including malware such as banking Trojan. Many of us use mobile devices for online shopping and even online banking. It is therefore not surprising that the area is proving increasingly profitable for cybercriminals.

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