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    Google Integrates Passkeys into Advanced Protection Program for High-Risk Users

    On Wednesday, Google unveiled an enhancement to its Advanced Protection Program (APP), now allowing high-risk users to utilize passkeys.

    “Traditionally, users needed a physical security key for APP; now, they can opt for a passkey to safeguard their account,” stated Shuvo Chatterjee, product lead of APP.

    Passkeys are esteemed as a superior and phishing-resistant alternative to conventional passwords. Rooted in the FIDO Authentication standard, this technology fortifies online accounts against potential hijacking by eschewing passwords in favor of biometrics or a PIN.

    Passkeys can serve as both primary and secondary authentication factors, thereby eliminating the necessity for a password. In May, the tech behemoth disclosed that over 400 million Google accounts are now leveraging passkeys.

    Individuals at heightened risk of cyber-attacks—such as journalists, elected officials, political campaign staff, human rights workers, and business leaders—can verify the compatibility of their devices and browsers to complete the enrollment process.

    “During enrollment, we also mandate the addition of recovery options (e.g., a phone number and email, or another passkey or security key), which collectively facilitate account recovery if access is lost,” Chatterjee elaborated.

    Google also announced a collaboration with Internews to offer security support to journalists and human rights workers across 10 countries, including Brazil, Mexico, and Poland.

    This initiative coincides with Google’s plan to extend dark web reports to any user with a Google account later this month, enabling them to ascertain if their information has been compromised on the darknet. Previously, this feature was exclusive to Google One subscribers.

    “The dark web report will be accessible to all users with a consumer Google Account,” noted a support document. “This report is integrated with ‘Results about you’ as a comprehensive solution to aid users in protecting their online presence.”

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