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    Installing New Programs With The Best Free Antivirus Tools

    If you always carry out the User-defined installation in the setup wizard when installing a new program, you usually have the option of deselecting the adware from the installation list. Also pay attention to all other indicators during the installation process. Some wizards make adware installation prompts look like explanatory windows for a function of the desired tool or like advertising for a great additional program. In rare cases, you may have to check instead of not doing a check for an additional installation as usual. This nasty trick is very rare to find.

    Antivirus Tools

    The tool uncheck is very helpful against installed adware. The program chases away adware before it can nest on the PC. The tool succeeds at least with the adware programs that come with the piggyback software. Because uncheck monitors the installation wizard of new programs and informs you if adware is hidden in it. This does not block all adware, but it does block a lot. If an adware has made it onto your system despite all caution, then the Adwcleaner will help. Both tools find almost all unwanted advertising modules and can then remove them. Before using the tools, you should exit all started programs.

    File Manager With A Comfortable Two-Window View

    With its two-window view, the Total Commander offers the same ease of use as the Norton Commander. The list of useful additional functions is impressive, for example it packs and unpacks zip archives, synchronizes directories including the subdirectories and offers various FTP functions. There are also many free add-ons for Total Commander that expand the range of functions. The tool is shareware that can be used for 1 month free of charge.

    One Of The Most Popular Free Antivirus Tools

    The growing scope of Avira Free Antivirus now also includes child protection for social networks and protection against scammers. In addition, the free version has the generic repair. With it, Avira Free Antivirus can not only remove the last remnants of discovered malware, but also repair the damaged system. With the Avira Protection Cloud, the tool compares the digital fingerprint of suspicious executable files on the PC with data in the cloud.


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