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    Malwarebytes limited Android malware xHelper

    Malwarebytes has found a way to clean up Android devices that are contaminated with the xHelper malware. So far, the malware which was first discovered in March, was considered indelible. Even if an infected smartphone or tablet is reset to the factory settings, xHelper can reinstall itself.

    However, the researchers were initially unable to remove xHelper completely. They had to confirm user reports that the malware survived a factory reset and nested on the freshly set up device without any interaction with the user. The only remedy was a complete reinstallation of the entire Android operating system. However, this is a solution that not all device manufacturers offer works or officially.

    So far, xHelper has been limited to displaying unwanted advertisements. But the question is how long it will stay there. This nasty trojan doesn’t work like other Android malware. As soon as it gets access to an Android device and an app, xHelper installs on the device as an independent service. Even if you uninstall the original app using the downloader, xHelper remains on the Android device and continues to display notifications and popup spam.

    xHelper is distributed via redirects that lead users to websites with installation files for Android apps and tempt them to install these apps on their devices. Eventually, code contained in these apps will download xHelper. Malwarebytes strongly recommends that you only obtain apps from trustworthy sources. Although some antivirus software can now detect the malware, unfortunately they are not yet able to permanently delete xHelper or to block the self starting reinstallation.

    – First deactivate Google Play

    – You will then need to remove xHelper using antivirus software

    – With the help of a file manager you should now delete all files from the device

    After that, Google Play can be reactivated and xHelper should no longer be able to install itself.With these tips, you should be able to remove the xHelper trojan from your device. However, you should not only beware of the Android malware xHelper, this nasty virus is currently smuggling onto various devices.

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