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    Microsoft 7 Can Cause Risks To Security Updates

    It wasn’t a long time ago that Microsoft’s Windows 7 was the most widely used PC operating system in the world. Strictly speaking, only a few weeks. At least that is what figures from the market research companies. According to them, the version of 7 was still the most used system until 2018. It was only overhauled by its successor in Winter.

    Microsoft 7

    In 2020, Windows 7 will suffer the same fate. Microsoft will release free security updates for the popular operating system for the last time. This makes the software that still runs on tens of millions of computers an even more attractive target for criminals than it already is. As of 2019, the vulnerability database lists many unknown vulnerabilities that were found in Windows 7. The vast majority of these vulnerabilities were discovered only after 2015, years after it was released. The older the software gets, the more security gaps it reveals. Microsoft wants to plug exactly such security gaps with its monthly updates. But that will be the end of early 2020. However, it is more than unlikely that no new vulnerabilities will be found in the complex software after this date.

    Use The Opportunity For Complete Renewal

    When switching to Windows 10, there are different versions to choose from. The manufacturer recommends Windows 10 Pro in combination with Microsoft Business for small and medium sized companies. This includes Word, PowerPoint, the mail client Outlook and a terabyte of storage. Microsoft also advertises device management and security to protect corporate data on all devices.

    However, users should note that this model is a subscription and is managed via the Microsoft cloud. Compared to the stationary version, there may be additional risks for processing information worth protecting. Experts see the change to a new system as a good opportunity for companies, older hardware that would have to be replaced soon anyway. Then you get a modern, powerful system in one go and avoid having to retrofit in just a few months.


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