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    Problems with Windows 10 Defender virus scan

    Windows Defender is currently reporting to some Windows users unexplained reasons that individual files have been skipped during the virus scan. Following a manual quick check, Windows Defender’s virus and threat protection reports skipped items – without the users concerned having defined such exclusions themselves.

    The Defender does not provide specific information about which files are not scanned during the check, so that the user is left in the dark. The problem is said to occur both during the quick check and during a complete system scan.

    In conversations with Günter Born who first reported it at BornCity, he told BleepingComputer that 80% of his German readers confirm the behavior, while 20% are not receiving it.

    What Is The Defender Scan Problem About?

    For a few weeks ago, some users of Windows 10 have had a strange effect when scanning their systems using Windows Defender. The scan runs, but at the end of the process, the virus scanner reports skipped elements during the scan. The following message is then displayed. The Defender’s message comes because the Defender can no longer scan network files. Microsoft seems to have changed something about Defender’s behavior some time ago.

    When a Windows Defender Antivirus client finds a suspicious but unrecognized file, the back end for cloud protection is queried. The cloud back end uses heuristics and machine learning and performs an automated analysis of the file to determine whether files contain malware or are harmless. Windows Defender Antivirus uses multiple detection and prevention technologies to provide accurate, real-time, and intelligent protection.

    In order to get the above message away, it is possible to allow Defender to scan files in the network using group policies;

    -In Windows 10 Pro, type in the command or call up the hit with the context menu command as administrator.

    -Set the following group policy and activate it if necessary by entering the command update force in an administrative command prompt to force the adoption of the group policy.

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