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    Ransomware – Another Money Extortion Sham Exposed On The Internet.

    Ransomware is a type of malware from cryptovirology that threatens to publish the victim’s data or perpetually block access to it unless you pay a ransome. This definition is directly coined off and explains best what ransomware is.

    This very popular malware has been around for quite a long time. Some researchers at Checkpoint have identified these malware families. One of such malware families is the Black Rose Lucy family.

    How They Take Over your Phone

    Lucy enters a device through unprotected and unregistered sites. It also leaks to connected devices through some currently undisclosed instant messaging and social media applications. On the websites, it requests for granted permission on SVO (Streaming Video Optimization). But when granted permission, the virus slips unknowingly into the device.

    Lucy is an active working virus, and as soon as it gains access into a device, it encrypts all the data and picking on the filth it recovers. It sends a ransom note to the owner of the device – usually displayed in the browser. The well-planned procedure is one of guilt and bail, using the filth as bait.

    The ransom notes usually claim to be from a legit security body like the FBI, and using the pornographic or offensive material found on the device scares the victim with threats of being hounded with criminal charges.

    It emphasizes that they are gathering filth about them from their devices have sent it to the Cyber Crime officials, and then they request that the victim should pay a fine.

    Currently, malware is only affecting larger computers. However, this is a trend that might soon hit the world of cellphones and much smaller devices.

    Cybersecurity hinted that ransomware has been infiltrating devices through various pornographic posts. It is vital that in the fight against ransomware, we have to stop downloading files from dark-sites and unknown sites. It is advisable to download good anti-ransomware applications. This will help to combat those that can gain access despite our great caution.

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