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    Safety Issues And Experiences Of Poloniex Crypto Exchanges

    Poloniex experiences in 2019 show that the selection of digital currencies is huge. Diverse trading options are offered. It is also possible to rent digital currencies.

    One Of The Most Famous Exchanges For Cryptocurrencies Is Poloniex

    Like many crypto exchanges, Poloniex is based in the United States and operates worldwide. The stock exchange is still quite young it was only launched in 2014. However, this does not prevent the crypto marketplace from offering a variety of crypto currencies. Hardly any stock exchange offers such a variety of digital currencies as Poloniex. Cryptocurrencies can be traded on Poloniex. In addition to the well-known cryptocurrencies with a high market share, lesser known and very new digital currencies can also be traded. Poloniex offers many options for trading cryptocurrencies, including margin trading. The Poloniex experiences 2019 provide traders with everything they need to know about trading at Poloniex.


    Reasons Why Poloniex Is Recommended

    Poloniex did very well in several tests. The charts are very finely adjusted within the platform. They can also be customized. Overall, Poloniex is very user-friendly. The user interface is also very intuitive. One finds a great favor while using the trading platform.

    How Safe And Serious Is Poloniex?

    The question of whether Poloniex is safe cannot be answered clearly. The trading platform undoubtedly takes all measures to guarantee customers technical security. Noteworthy is the fact that the majority of cryptocurrencies are kept in decentralized offline servers. With these offline servers there is no radio connection to the outside. Financial transactions are also monitored by numerous audit programs. There are artificial intelligences on the platform, which identify suspicious activities immediately. If the program detects fraudulent activity, the process is temporarily blocked.

    A few years ago, some security problems were discovered on the company’s servers. This led to losses among customers. The dealers affected had their systems refunded. Thus, the company had invested additional resources in security. The Poloniex trading platform is now one of the safest in the world. On top of this, two-factor authentication is carried out for increased security. Statistically speaking, the risk that a hacker can access customer accounts can be significantly reduced. Unfortunately, no concrete information about the founders of the company could be found. Neither the location of the platform nor the information from the managing directors is disclosed to the public. Therefore, the seriousness has to be questioned a bit. At this point it would be desirable if Poloniex increased the transparency a little.

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