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    The Jedi Cloud Project That Is Worth Billions Goes To Microsoft

    Jedi stands for Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure and describes a planned new cloud system for all branches of the military. The contract is endowed with almost 10 billion euros. According to the US newspapers, the order is of the utmost importance, since it is central to the use of the Pentagons technology that has come through the years. With this order, the chances are not bad for Microsoft to also receive the tenders for cloud computing.

    Jedi Cloud Project

    Possible Influence By Former Employees

    In the case, the main argument is that the former and now renewed Amazon employees could influence the procurement guidelines. The latter initially worked for the e-commerce giant in the cloud department before founding their own company and then moving to the Pentagon. There it is said to have participated in the Jedi project and possibly also in the drafting of the terms of award. Among other things, these stipulate that the cloud may only be implemented by a single company and must meet the highest security requirements.

    The project is intended to drive the modernization of the IT systems and is called the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Cloud. Under the contract, Microsoft will take on crucial and urgent requirements for the Pentagon’s modern cloud infrastructure.

    Technology Magazines Have Written A Detailed Article About The JEDI Project

    More precisely about the search for a suitable cloud service, which also deals with the problem of contractual details and postponements, which discourages some companies interested in the project. Google, one of the companies in question, has already bailed out, among other things for ethical reasons, since the cloud would also enable warfare to be carried out that contradicts Google’s agenda. Of the remaining applicants, Amazon seems to have the best chance of dusting off the deal. What many Amazon customers may not know: Amazon is now a huge cloud provider and generates more profit in this area than through sales of goods, as it is reported at the end of July.


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